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Other Causes Of Ignition Coil Failure

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A friend replaced all four brake pads for me about 8 months ago. Within hours of having the car back I got the Check Engine Light, VSC Light, Trac Off, and P0356 error code. The timing seemed odd, but I couldn't see how this could be related to the brake job, so I put in a new coil.

About a month later, another front coil failed (at least according to the error code). I replaced it. Another few months went by, and a rear coil code came on.

I dug in and replaced all 3 rear coils (huge pain, as others have noted). I also did the spark plugs at this time.

A few days ago I got the dreaded light combo plus code P0351 - another rear coil. I should note that the car definitely shakes a bit from time to time when stopped, so it does seem like it's missing. The light is also not constant, but it is on most of the time.

So at this point I'm wondering what else it could be? I have an appointment with a solid Toyota shop next week and they indicated that maybe a cheap (Advance Auto) replacement coil burned out. This could be, but it sure seems like something else is going on.

Any ideas?

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I use dielectric grease before plugging the coil back on the spark plug. Do you wash your engine. if so you may be building moisture up on the coil causing early failure. One other thing what plugs did you put in? I hope not Bosch plugs...stick with Original equipment Iridium NGK or Denso plugs. The bosch plugs are garbage.

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