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Lexus Rx400H 2006 Problem With Dvd Player

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Hi all I am a new member located in the UK.

I have just purchased a Lexus RX400h which I am delighted with.

Couple of issues I need help with please?

DVD player with screens in headrests is not working - any help/advice appreciated.

I would like to play music from my Samsung Galaxy S4 through the sound system but the Lexus does not have an Aux point.

Thanking everyone in anticipation of their help.

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There actually was an official headrest DVD option for the 2006 RX sold in the UK and EU and there is a troubleshooting guide for it at http://www.lexus-tech.eu

You also view the iPod interface kit installation manual for the 2006 RX on the above web address but I doubt that it supports a regular 3.5mm aux-in if that is what you want. You might want to check locally as sometimes aftermarket interface kits for North American Lexus vehicles are not compatible with those sold in the UK and EU.

Probably the most well known supplier of aftermarket audio system interfaces for Lexus vehicles in the U.S. is http://www.vaistech.com

I know that some interface products sold by VAIS have been successfully used on non-US vehicles. Perhaps contact them to see if they can help you. Once you have your 3.5mm aux-in, you could attach a Bluetooth receiver to it so that you can stream audio from a phone wirelessly. Check out the Blackberry Bluetooth receivers on Amazon.com ... the square-ish one with the rounded corners.

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Do you know what aftermarket kits are available for the input of my Samsung galaxy S4?

The DVD is factory fitted - not aftermarket.

Thanks for your help.

You could ask your question in the UK part of this forum: http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/

Perhaps search eBay or Amazon.com for the UK.

The aftermarket 3.5mm kit you need is not specific to your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Some phone charging cradles have a 3.5mm output that can be connected to a 3.5mm interface. For example, I have a Samsung charging cradle specifically made for my Samsung Galaxy S3 which I mounted on a Kuda leather phone console in my 2000 LS400. My Samsung charging cradle (manufactured by Herbert Richter) has a 3.5mm output which could be connected to the 3.5mm aux-in input on my radio but I stream audio from my phone only wirelessly via Bluetooth. I cannot tell any difference in sound quality between connecting with a 3.5mm audio cable and Bluetooth.

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One more thing. If you need a charging cradle specifically for your phone, you might check with a Lexus dealer. Lexus dealers in the UK and Europe sell, or sold in the past, a mobile phone "convenience kit" which interchangable cradle inserts for charging popular phones as an official Lexus branded accessory. This kits also supply an external antenna connection and appear to have been supplied by the Bury company.

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