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Need Help Contacting Regional Lexus Rep


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I've been having trouble resolving a transmission issue with my 09 Es350. Online dealer service records disappeared after my first follow up visit, and they refuse to restore them. This proof of previous visit would have helped me resolve the problem.

I contacted 800 number but apparently they cannot overrule local decisions by Dallas / Fort Worth regional team. I'm not giving up on this but I need to have a contact. Otherwise I'm looking at paying 5k to replace tranny after only 81,000 miles.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi hahnt and welcome to the LOC.

I've attached a link to a site that explains the process of working a warranty dispute. I found it along with other sites regarding problems with Lexus warranty issues. I have never been able to find a number for any administrative office other than the usual 800 customer service. I have had good luck insisting on working with the general manager of the dealership. They are the ones who are in constant contact with the Lexus regional office.

For my search I used; "contact lexus regarding warranty dispute".



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