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94 Ls400 Thermostat


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How do you burp or purge the system. I filled up the inlet then I filled reservoir then I screwed everything on. Am I suppose to leave inlet unscrewd then turn on engine?

Once you initially fill the block, you put the inlet screw back in and tighten. Any additional filling will now be accomplished via the reservoir. To purge, you start your engine and get it up to operating temperature. Put the heating system on full heat (hot) with the blow fan running. Keep the RPMs up around 2,000 - 2500 for a couple of minutes. Keep an eye on the reservoir level and keep it between the Hi and Low levels. You should soon feel heat coming from the vents.

You will have to watch the level in the reservoir over the next few days of driving to ensure that the engine is filled and that there are not leaks. Thats it. Pretty easy.

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