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Interchangeable Shift Knobs?


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Hi - I am in the process of purchasing a 95 LS400 from a neighbor - will close the deal on Tuesday when he gets back in to town, but I'm already thinking of a couple of things to spruce it up...First is the shift knob....Can anyone tell me if a 2005 ES330 shift knob will fit this 1995 LS400? Thanks.

While I'm here, if anyone has any photos of their LS400's with alternate Lexus OEM wheels, that would be appreciated...the ones on this 95 are the standard ones that came with the car. Getting some ideas...



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As someone who has driven LS400's for nearly 24 years, I suggest that you slow down. You are considering the purchase of a 19 model year old car that has minimal value. These cars are not bullet proof and a single repair can easily cost more than $2,000. Just a regular 90,000 mile service can cost more than $1,500. A few repairs in combination will easily exceed the value of this car.

First make sure that EVERYTHING on the car works and that it has a history of proper maintenance with no skipped services. If it has air suspension, run away as fast as you can.

With that said, any wheels from a 1995 through 2006 LS will fit for certain. There are a few GS wheels that will fit and lots of aftermarket wheels will too.

There are usually shift knobs on eBay that will fit.

Provide more information about this car before you commit to buy it and maybe we can help.

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