Loud Wind Noise At Freeway Speed

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Hi 1990LS400,

Hahahah. Got a good laugh out of your reply today. Thanks for knocking on my dense head.

I guess I just wanted someone to agree with me that Lexus has given me an opening. Now, you can forward $150 to.... Hahaha.

And thank you, Demp223, for enlightening me about window seals and airflow turbulence. If the inspection technician tries to blame the noise on worn out rubber seals, I will tell him that I was told by a Lexus tech adviser that it takes nearly a decade before rubber seal dries out to make noticeable wind noise leakage. My rubber seals looks fresh without any visible cracks.

As soon as I get my inspection at the dealership, I will update on their findings. I can't wait to find out what Lexus will do, if the inspection comes back recommending new glasses.

Thank you.


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A quick simple way to determine if it is side mirror air turbulence is to fold mirrors in while driving. If sound changes noticeably then there's issue. Alignment of glass is also easy 20 min fix if not correct. Another thing to look at are door seals. Sometimes they come out of retaining channel and don't seal correctly as they should. Just push back into slot. Today's cars are very aerodynamic and it is usually something simple. Serious problems are obvious to even a casual mechanical eye.

I'm not a lexus tech. I own Autoglass business and have been diagnosing and fixing air noise issues for decades that the factory techs just can't seem to find that are right in their face.

My wife's 2010 rx350 is acceptably quiet at 70 mph.

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We'll keep our fingers crossed for you. For us old farts, this is when we call in the old "Statue of Liberty Play" lol


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