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Request For Photo - Es300 Battery Termianls (3Vz-Fe Engine)


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I know this might seem like an odd request but it would really help me out...

Can someone with either a Windom or ES300 from 92,93, or maybe 94 (any with the 3VZ-FE engine)

post a couple of close up shots of their battery terminals and the wires leading into them..... If you've got the time it would be ultra helpful to see a photo of the cables with the terminals removed from.

I'd be keen to see photos with terminals that are OE (either original or exact copy of) and also any pics of terminals and wiring going into termina that may not be originals but are just replacements of one sort or another.

I'm replacing my terminals and it's become apparent I might have something different than the OE ones even tho I just purchased the same as what was already there. The previous owner has done some rather budget work on the car and I suspect in wiring stereo up or something else somethings been altered either the wiring or the terminals changed altered.

After I tool the terminals off I sore how bad the connection from cable to terminal was on the positive terminal. I think something either has broken off or he just did some really cheap !Removed! work,,,

I know this should be a simple job I'm just a little concerned previous owner has left a mess

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