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Best Insurance For An Es350?


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Just bought a 2011 ES350 from a friend and it's still sitting in my garage as I've yet to get insurance for it.

In your opinion, what's the best company to go with? I'm only gonna be driving it on weekends (live in the city (Boston) and take subway to work), so I'd like to get some bare minimum basic insurance.

Any suggestions?

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There is no one best company honestly! There are so many rating factors that can change the rates and each company has a sweet spot. And actually getting bare minimum limits can actually end up costing you much more. Most companies use this as a rating factor and that in itself has a huge impact on rates. Call a local independent insurance agent that has several carriers and they can do the work for you and shop around and compare prices but please be careful saying you want minimum coverages because minimum limits are way too low!

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thanks for the reply Lexirx330, and for the warning.. i'm still gonna get bare minimum coverage though ;)

Just out of curiosity...why? Especially if it will cost you more? And that is not to mention by getting the bare minimums you will have little protection for yourself if hit by a uninsured driver which is happening more and more these days.

Seriously do what you want but a good independent agent can find you a good price with good coverage and it will most likely be less expensive than if you went with the cheapest thing that you think you can get. The only person you would be hitting is yourself by insisting on the minimum limits. Trust me I know what I am talking about I own an insurance agency with two locations and we represent well over 15 carriers. To bad you aren't in one of my states that I write in or I would run you some numbers so you could see exactly what I mean.

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Bare minimum liability-only on a 2011 ES350? Sounds OK if you are independently wealthy and don't care about losing whatever money you have in the car if it is crashed or stolen and whatever other assets you have if you cause a really bad crash, injuries/death(s).

Of course, if you have any wealth at all you need high liability limits and most probably an umbrella policy that covers your entire net worth. That may sound excessive but it is not very expensive.

(Retired from the insurance industry with a CPA wife.)

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