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"05 Ls430/samsung Galaxy 4S Wireless Connection


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I have a 2005 LS430 Ultra with bluetooth wireless phone connectivity that worked flawlessly with my Nokia 6133 flip phone. I recently updated my phone to a Samsung Galaxy 4s and paired it to my Lexus, but now I can hear callers, but they can't hear me on car microphone. This leaves me with having to pick-up phone and speak inti it directly for calls - this defeats the purpose of hands-free calling. Any help? Thanks.

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I have the same issue with the same phone, and the same car. The phone and car will connect, I can dial out from the car, but all the audio for the call is directed to the phone, so I need to put it on speaker phone, or hand hold it. It used to work properly, before the last software update to 4.3. I have been in touch with samsung live chat to help with this problem, but nothing yet. If you get a fix, let me know. I will do the same.


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Me too! 2005 LS430 with Samsung Galaxy S4.

Kinda worked OK under Android 4.2.2, but the 4.3 update on the S4 made it less usable. It did work fine once though. I'm beginning to wonder if it is a Bluetooth radio issue in the S4, or my new Carrier's limited coverage area.

My former Motorola Droid X phone (Verizon) had excellent Bluetooth operation in my LS430.

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Once connected and paired to your navigation unit, ensure the call audio check box is checked (see pic).

It is under settings, bluetooth, and settings for that pairing.

After the Android 4.3 update, my check box setting would not stick. I had to delete the bluetooth pairing, restart the car and reboot my phone, and re-pair the phone to the car Navigation unit, before doing the above.


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Issue seems to have cured itself. I suspect that the solution was connected to an update of the android operating system on the Samsung 4S smartr phone, as nothing has changed on the car's connection, bluetooth, computers, etc., so far as I know. In any event, the phone now works perfectly in the car connected through the bluetooth system. I do keep the phone connected to its charger while in the car, as bluetooth connectivity setting on the phone tends to drain the phone battery rather quickly.

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