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Catalytic Converter Problems


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So I took my vehicle to the dealer 2 days ago (check engine, vsc trac lights on), and they said bank 1 sensor needed replacement. I paid the $360 and they reset the lights and said no more codes popped up. However, the next morning I was driving and all the lights came back on. The vehicle is being looked at now but they have told me I will most likely need to replace 2 of the catalytic converters at a rough estimate of $2000. As I am selling my car and i have someone very interested (pending the lights), I really need them to be off. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this situation. Should I just pay the 2 grand and be done with it or try to find someone else around town to do the job cheaper? The car drives great and you would never know there was anything wrong, but christmas tree lights are pretty much ruining my chances of selling it.

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I have same issue two day ago what I did was ran the car to empty the remaining gas tank than put new gas in, replaced air filter and carbin filter. Disconnected negative battery cable for 10 seconds then reconnected to clear the warning lights. Today I drove 200 miles everything fine to me. I am going to buy a new gas cap because I think my gas gap is the main source leading to this Xmas lights.

I think you should try this first to see if it work for you and try to get your $360 back from that stupid dealer whom service your car.

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