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'10 Rx350 Differential Gasket & Fluid Change?


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Just recently purchased my 2010 RX350 with 25k miles on it. I see that the maintenance schedule recommends changing the differential gaskets and fluids at 30k. I have been driving cars for the past 35 years and have NEVER changed these gaskets, nor has my mechanic husband ever changed done that for any of his vehicles. My last car was a Toyota Matrix and I had it for 10 years 120k miles and we never changed the gaskets or fluid and it was 4WD too.

Is this a Lexus thing?

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If your husband is a mechanic don't you think he's probably more qualified to answer this than most people here?

IMO, it all depends on how long you intend to keep the car really. Fluid changes of any kind are relatively cheap insurance against failures. The "gasket" referred to by the maintenance manual is likely the very inexpensive rubber washer that seals the plug similar to ones on the oil drain plugs.

And no, diff. fluid and gasket changes are not only a "Lexus" thing, a lot of 4WD cars recommend this just like transmission fluid change or engine oil change.

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I would recommend a drain and fill of the transmission fluid. If that is possible, not familiar with 2010 RX and don't know if they have a drain plug like earlier RXmodels.

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