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Information Needed Re 2009 Lexus Gs350

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....I just had car to dealer for recall service (replace end of camshaft gears) I was apprehensive because job involves major disassembly of front of motor. The job was done in one day, car runs fine. I looked under hood and first thing I see is there is on front right wheel well a hose anchor bracket, but the AC hose 2 inches under bracket is not attached. There is a proper hole in bracket to attach AC hose and the hose has fitting to attach to bracket. Mechanic says its OK not attached. This does not seem right to me. Would someone with GS350 look at your car and tell me if you have same bracket and is hose attached. Thank you JimB

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Hi Jim,

You don't need to look at yours or anyones owners manual. Your car should ALWAYS be returned to you exactly as it was when you droped it off. The only exception should be the work you approved the dealer to do, and a clean car if your Lexus dealer wash's your car when their done

I would strongly encourage you to take the LS back and tell the service advisor the condition of the LS is not acceptable. I can't imagine a dealer wanting a person such as yourself going around town in the months ahead telling all their friends about the lousy Lexus dealer.

Come back and let us know how it went.


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