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1993 Ls400 Stumbles On Acceleration


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Hello, I just purchased my first Lexus LS400. It is a 1993 and I got it last Thursday. It has 243K miles, and is extremely clean and ran excellent up until yesterday.. I put about 200 miles on the car first day, waxed it, and cleaned the engine with some engine cleaner and lightly rinsed it, while it was off.

Now the next day, the car has a low idle of 750rpm, and sometimes a idle of 1100rpm. When I drive it easy it does fine, and shifts smooth. But, if I go 1/3 throttle, half throttle, or full WOT. It will buck, and hesitate to climb the rpms.

If I accelerate like I am 97 year old grandpa wilson it does fine, but if I try to gas it up from a stop or roll, it bucks and stutters and will work its way through to higher rpms. Almost like it is missing.

This car has a rebuilt ECU, and new PS pump, there is no PS fluid loss, Although there is a good amount of white smoke, coming from the exhaust. My cooltant is full, and clean, the oil is nice and new, and the gas is fresh, and it is 93 octane shell premium half a tank.

The car has no coolant leaks, or anykind of oils leaks that I know of, I do not have to add any kind of fluids to it.

I have tried, resetting the battery, and, I also tried Seafoaming the car. Has not helped me it all.

I really want to fix this problem! It is driving me crazy, I have searched and searched. But, everyones problem seems to be a little different than mine.

The battery is from 2007, and looks really old, but it also seems to work just fine. The plugs, wires, and air filter were changed from the original owner about 1k miles ago. I checked them and all is new.

I really love this car, and I drive it easy. I do not abuse my vehicles, I sell brand new cars for a living at a dealership, and this is by far the best driving car I have ever had! Lexus is unbelievable

Another thing, when the car is idling, I can hear a miss when it is sitting still,

This problem deffinetly occurred after cleaning the engine, and it was raining pretty hard that day to.

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