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'07 Is250 Carbon Buildup Csp

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Long story short, I've had the "running rough" issue upon stopping for almost a year, very randomly and usually for a few seconds only. However, Monday when I started my car it went crazy, almost stalled out, was studdering / jerking BADLY and immediately the check engine and check vcs lights came on. So I read club lexus forums all day on the carbon build up issue and printed a copy of the CSP letter that was sent out about it.

I brought it to the dealership Monday morning with the letter and explained what happened. My SA immediately knew what it was and told me they would replicate the misfire again just to be sure and then go ahead with the piston repair / rebuild. She said it would be a few weeks before I got it back so I thought okay all good and I will get it back rebuilt in a few weeks.

So she calls me yesterday and says they were able to reproduce the misfire BUT "they" (not sure if she means Lexus corporate or the dealership) are now requiring two things to be done before they can move forward with the rebuild.

#1 - Air induction service (essentially the top engine carbon cleaning) for $240

#2 - New spark plugs for $465

And then she said once those two things are done and it misfires again then they could do the rebuild. I am furious!! I have put a call in to Lexus corporate and was told I would get a call back by Monday. I have read post after post after post of owners who have had this done with no hassle and especially not having to pay for a carbon cleaning. I need new plugs and told her I wanted that done when I brought it in, although to be honest, if they are taking the engine apart anyway, why am I being charged the full labor price on the plugs?? But I don't think I should have to pay for the carb cleaning. I haven't seen a person yet who had this done and had to pay for that. AND why the H would they do that (and charge me for it) and then give it back for it to misfire AGAIN when they saw the code that was on it when I brought it in AND was able to reproduce it. They talked like they would just bring it in and do the rebuild and now all of a sudden it's different.

I don't see how they (Lexus corporate) can offer this rebuild to some customers and then turn around and do this to others. I've even seen many people who DIDN'T have the misfire codes when they brought it in, like I did, and STILL got the repair done.

I hope Lexus corporate calls me back and tells me they are going to go ahead with it but if not, do I bring it to another dealer? Clearly my car has the same problem as everyone else and the carbon cleaning is only a temporary solution to the fix that they are wanting to charge me for and not reimburse me if it misfires again.

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WTF? Why would they do a carbon cleaning before cleaning the carbon through the CSP? And by the way, they don't "have to" replicate the problem. They check the ESU, and they can see if the computer has recorded mis-fire codes. I suggest you march back in there with the CSP letter, and have them show you *exactly* where the letter says that certain services must be performed first at the customer's expense before they do the CSP???

Now--to be fair, I see you have a 2007 MY. So do I; I just had my 60,000 mile service done on Friday (local shop, not by Lexus). The Lexus service schedule recommends the spark plugs be replaced at 60,000 mi. 3 of the 6 spark plugs are difficult to access, and some part needed to be removed to get at them, which jacked up my labor costs. So, if the dealer is saying: "We recommend that you change the spark plugs while we pull out the engine so we can have easier access to them," then I say do it. But I don't know why you would need (or want) to do it as a separate service before doing the CSP.

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