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Traction Control System Q's

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Hello, just last month I aquired my bone stock '02 IS300 coupe :lol: and I have a few questions about the traction control system. More specifically, the "TCS off" button. Does this button truly disable the wheel slippage control :D ? Or does it just lower the sensitivity of the whole system :angry: ? It doesn't seem to make a difference which drive gear I'm in (E-shift 5 speed tranny), the TCS still fully functions when the rear wheels start to slip on acceleration after I have pressed the "TCS off" button. I'm also considering the supra 6 speed tranny swap, as this car will be my DD/drift machine (the auto tranny doesn't give me as much control as I'd like) when I'm done with the mods. And yes, it has the optional LSD. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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The following phrase or a similar one is the owners manuals of a variety of Lexus vehicles:

"If only the TRAC system is turned off, the TRAC system will turn on when the vehicle speed increases."

Doesn't anybody RTFM? (RTFM = "read their owners manual" :closedeyes:)

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