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I ran the tank down until the light came on quite a few times in the early years on my first LS and I think the fuel gauge needle was right on the empty mark when the low fuel light finally came on. I thought the fuel gauge was fairly pessimistic and estimated that I could probably have driven another 50 - 75 miles after the low fuel light came on - at least in my car. I suppose this could vary from car to car.

How much fuel do you have to add to fill up the tank when the needle is near empty? Just fill the tank and then subtract the total gallons added from the tank capacity. That will tell you how many gallons you have left when the gauge is near empty. Or just take along a gas can and drive until either the light comes on or the car runs out of gas.

I doubt that the low fuel light would be burned out since it probably comes on a few times over the life of most cars. And I doubt that there is not a separate fuse for just this one bulb.

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