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ive been wanting a sc300 for a while now, but havent found a good one with a reasonable price. so i might be looking at some sc400's. i wanna supercharge it if i get 1. so heres a few questions...

1. what are the prices (US)

2. Do they make them for sc400's

3. how much boost will this add

4. can this be done in your home garage

5. is there any need to change the ECU

6. would you recomend it

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I think a blown SC4 would be sweet. There is one available from across the pond. I'll need to do more searching on it. I had a video of it smokin' tires halfway down the track. Expect to pay about 5,000$ conservatively for the parts. Then there is labor. If you have a good understanding and are confident in your work, I'd say it could definitely be done at home in the garage. Boost would depend on blower style - I think the one being used is a twin screw or roots type. So there are specs on that. I'm not familiar with how those things are spec'd out. You could go with a centrifugal unit more similar to the compressor side of a turbo driven off the crank. So boost will depend on trim and pulley size. You should be able to use the oem computer and some additional injector controller to sufficiently handle the job at a conservative boost level. Shoot for 8 to 10 pounds and enjoy the ride.

I had a link a while ago to a supercharger that was potentially available. Not sure on where it is now. I'll look around when I get a chance, unless someone else has it handy.

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