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Es350 '07 Headlight Problems

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So we just bought this car roughly 2 months ago and it is my wife's daily driver. A week later we realized the right HID isn't working. All other lights work. I order new bulbs and replace and still doesn't work. Tonight the left side HiD went out. I haven't had a chance to pull the bulb out to replace and see if it is just a blown bulb, but worst case scenario does anyone have any opinions? The right side HID is my really worry... Does anyone know the leading causes of why this wouldn't work even after checking bulb and ensuring it was good?

Thanks in advance!

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If the bulb is good then the next component I would suspect would be a ballast unit. However, HID bulbs and ballasts rarely fail and usually last the life of the vehicle. My 2000 LS400 is still on the originals at 171,000 miles. My advice is to take your ES to a Lexus dealer or an independent repair shop that specializes in Lexus cars and which you trust for a diagnosis.

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Re: 2007 ES350 with 102K on odometer.

I have had a similar problem. Last Nov. my passenger HID was out. read on forum to try switching off, then on, and sure enough it came back on. I purchased new bulbs and installed them with no issues until a few weeks ago. Now same problem is back. I notice passenger side is out, switch lights off then back on again and voila! headlight is back on. But now it does it again. Sometimes I go for days with no problem, then it's off again. Any suggestions? Anyone else have this problem?

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The first thing I would do is to switch the bulbs side to side. You wouldn't be the first to get a bad bulb. Were your bulbs new, name brand (e.g. Phillips) with the same specifications (4300K) as OEM? I've been amazed that some OEM Phillips bulbs sold on eBay are used and priced higher than new OEM Phillips bulbs also sold on eBay.

Or maybe it is a ballast problem. Odd that this seems to be a "November" problem - might be tied to a defective bulb, connector or ballast "behaving" differently in cooler weather.

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Have had the same problem, after replacing bulbs, for the last 2 years with my 07 es350. Only happens in cold weather. Always comes back on after switching lights all the way off, and then back to Auto. Sometimes the right light goes off while driving. Same solution, switch off, then on. I'm Ok living with this. I only worry if I've had a few drinks. Don't need to give the cops an excuse, so my wife or I always check before we pull out of a parking lot. Never tried replacing ballast. Anyone know where ballast is? Easy to replace?

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