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YAY! :D I just got a 1993 Sc300! It's red, has 17" IS wheels on it, a spoiler and the second gen kit on it. It has 109000 miles on it and it looks nice... but was 11000 too much to pay in Washington state? :unsure: Oh well, it is nice...

So I have a few questions about this car that you guys can probally answer. :D

1. The car is missing a fan shroud, how important is that piece? Should I get one to put on?

2. I don't have an owners manual... do I need one?

3. I changed the oil and it took 5 quarts, that is right... right?

4. Do the mirrors save their position with each seat setting? Or do you have to change it each time?

5. How do I know if I have heated seats if I do indeed have them?

6. Are the fog lights supposed to turn on only with the corresponding blinkers? Or are they always supposted to be on with the lights?

7. The LED bar doesn't light up, how can I go about hooking it up?

8. One of the needles is starting to die along with one of the back lights on the odometor and the climate control... is there an easy fix for this?

9. Is the security system or theft deterent system do anything? There is a red blinking light and a sticker... is that all?

10. Are the doors supposted to lock them selves when you walk away from it? I think it does so some times but not others, is this an intermmitent thing?

11. How do I know what kind of sound system the car has? Does the words "lexus premium sound" mean the pioneer system?

12. Is it possible to put a cd player in the glove box? Was the car supposed to come with a changer in the trunk one or was it just an option?

13. Are there other options on the car that I might not know right off hand?

THats all for now, Thank you all very much if you can answer any of theese. I'm so anxious to get to drive and work on my car now! I don't have to drive a Lincolin Town car anymore! That was a land yaht!

A proud new lexus owner-- Diana aka silkiechicken

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1. Important (for safety's sake). Yes

2. Not really...

3. With the oil filter changed, 5 sounds about right.

4. <not sure, but I would guess: YES>

5. By the gear selector on the center console, you'll have switches to toggle if you have heated seats (and a "LEXUS" template if you don't)

6. These are not fog lights on 92-94 but cornering lights. They CAN be upgraded, though: search the forum

7. On the rear spoiler? Just plug it in (if the bulbs still work).

8. Dim the brightness until you can get the bulbs replaced

9. Do this: roll down windows. Lock doors with FOB. Unlock doors by reaching into the open window and manually pulling the lock lever. Now press the FOB button to make the whining stop.

10. They are not automatic.

11. Pioneer, which isn't really premium at all : )

12. Not enough space. CD Player was optional (as was the bigger 10" sub, stock it's only a ~7.5 incher).

13. I'm sure your Lexus holds a few secrets: I just finished a stereo upgrade in my third SC two nights ago (that I purchased a week ago)... I found about $20.00 worth of Chuck-E-Cheeses tokens as well as a condom (wrapped, thank God) and some parking tickets, all shoved in the recesses of the trunk. Who knew?!?

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1. Yes, the engine may overheat without it.

2. Goto to your Lexus dealer and get one for FREE - it helps when you need to know things like "are my doors supposed to lock automatically".

3. Yes, 5.1 quarts with a new oil filter.

4. Don't know.

5. Heated seats came as a package with TRACtion control.

6. Are you referring to your Cornering Lights?

7. Do a search in this forum - I've seen it discussed in detail.

8. Do a search in this forum - I've seen it discussed in detail.

9. It's an alarm system described in your owner's manual.

10 - 13. Don't know.

Most important thing to know... HAVE FUN DRIVING IT!!!

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