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Replacement Gauge Cluster

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My buddy is bidding on this gague cluster on eBay right now for his '96 ES300:

He is having quite a few problems with lights, etc and he thinks there is a wire or circuit weld shorted out (process of elimination) somewhere inside his cluster. He only has 89K on the clock, but this new cluster has @ 101K on it.

Is it possible to reset the mileage on the new one to match the existing mileage on his car? If so, does it have to be done by the dealer? I thought the Odometer reading was stored in the ECU somewhere. If the new cluster is plugged in, will the ECU automatically reset the odometer?

He is really nervous about resetting the mileage, or installing a new cluster. He doesn't want a bad Carfax, nor is he looking to cheat anyone if/when he sells his car. I'll admit that it would suck to have the extra 12K on the clock if the miles really weren't there, but he may be stuck with it.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Since you left absolutely NO information in your profile, especially where you live, I can't give you any information about tampering the mileage on the odometer. I can tell you that it's illegal in New York State!

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