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Looks beautiful SIlver. I guess I need some new clay. I'll bet you like driving by all those mirrors at work and watching the reflection.

No tags on your rig? Don't the cops catch an attituse with that?

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forgot to add

1 Wash/dry-Meguiar's care wash/california water blade/shim

2 Magic clay bar/quik detail solution

2 Meguiar's Color X (buffer)

3 #7 Meguiar's Show car Glaze (buffer)

4 Meguiar's NXT polymer wax (hand)

This whole process took about 6 hours. and was well worth it

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uh oh, I didn't know there were weirdos on here! Well, I'm screwed then since I have put mine on here before.

Silver, when you use the clay, do you use it with the detailing spray, or just with the soapy water when you wash. SOmeone mentioned it on here and I tried it last time, I gotta say it's much easier and the results seem the same.

ANyway, sooner or later you will become a Collinite user. DOn't try it until you are low on your other waxes becasue then they will go to waste. I gave all my Maguires away after I had stored them for 6 mos.

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well denny,

there are a lot of general browsers and guests on this forum, i just didn't want to take a chance ya know

yes i used the quik detail spray, it was really easy and didn't take much time, i've too heard about soapy water i'm sure it works the same, as the clay just needs some lubricant to do its job so it doesn't stick.

i'm aware that many people don't use meguiar's products, and most use the collinite you are refering too, but i like meguiar's waxes and especially the new nxt.

maybe some day i will switch. :D

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thanks Agent 99, I appreciate that buddy

i did use the orbital buffer, and it worked out very well, it got out the light scratches, and there isn't a swirl or cobweb in sight :D

but partially i think the credit goes to the products, that Color X is awesome in getting rid of swirls and cobbs, and light scratches i just worked it in with the buffer.

-the Show Car Glaze is awesome as well, it really made the car look wet and was very mirror like, i could see details on my face after is was done. also it brought out the metalic emerald green flakes in the paint, shines like brand new :D

its funny b/c some of my co-workers seemed to think my car was black when i always showed them it was dark green, but after this they said WOW it is emerald green. :lol:

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Looks brand new! Great work. I enlarged the half and half pic of the hood for you.

As for the Collinite, no disrespect intended to the Collinite or any of its users, Collinite will always go on my car in November for the winter, but it will always come off in the spring for what are IMHO better looking products. Collinite is very durable and gives a good shine, but there are MANY products, including the Meguiars NXT he used here that are far better looking than Collinite, especially on that black. In my opinion Colinites real draw is its durability, there are many slicker, shinyer, and deeper looking products out there both natural and synthetic. There are also one paste wax from Meguiars, #16, that has the longevity of the Collinite with a much deeper look that I may try soon. Of course the look of the Collinite is going to be more of an issue on a black car or other dark color than on white. I use the Collinite year round on my Explorer because it lasts and its white.

Don't be swayed by the opinions of others, try out the products you're interested in and make your own conclusions, thats part of why detailing is such a great hobby ;)

The NXT gives a great look and awesome slickness but in my initial testing its not lasting as long for me as I'd hoped, I'm only getting about 3 weeks. I'm going to be using just QEW on the car now instead of using the touchless wash and see if that makes a difference. Poorboys EX is another great product that gives a great shine and lasts pretty well, I get 2 months or so with it. My Collinite was 100% gone in about 2 3/4 months for comparison.

Of course I wax so much durability isn't an issue until the winter when I can't wax because of the temperatures.

Theres another new paint sealant on the market called Wolfgang that I'm going to be trying soon.

Basically when the car is prepped well and well cared for, it doesn't really matter what you use as your last step product, its going to look great regardless.

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yes 99 its wood.

i have a buddy that ownes a company called Presidential Conversions, in Fayetteville, Ar, where i'm originally from, and i had him put on the wood steering wheel, but left, or somehow molded the center part with the horn and the L badge back on there to look stock.

i need to go back up there and have him do my shifter as well. B)

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