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Navigation System

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Does anyone know if there is a less expensive way to update the DVD Navigation system in the LS430?

Also, does anyone have instructions for use of the system. There were no instructions when I bought my LS430, and I have not learned all of the ins and outs.


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Nope, the DVD updates don't have a lot of profit on them and $250 is about the best deal you can get. Sometimes they pop up on ebay and can be had for less, and I suspect these are stolen.

As for the instructions, theres a whole manual that comes with the car, its like 250 pages. You can order a new one for free by registering at

Welcome to the club!

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Where is the best place for me to buy a DVD update for the navigation of my LS430 2001?

Also, Is it possible to replace the cradle for my mobile phone to use the newer model used for 2003?

Is there a factory mobile phone cradle for different phones?

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Hey chillin, that's a great idea!

While were at it let's rent some new releases from Blockbuster and copy those too. Wait . . . SOFTWARE!!! Let's by one version of Windows XP and make lots and lots of copies of it and sell them at a fraction of what Microsoft sells it for.

We'll make soooooo much money we can all go out and buy 2005 430s!!!

Just don't tell anybody or post our evil plans on a public forum or anything.


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