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2000 Rx-300 Seat Cover Replacements, Any Suggestions?

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Hello all,

I have a 2000 RX-300 in Gold. I LOVE it, she has 156K miles and runs like a top and still looks like new. The only thing I need to do to now is to replace the drivers seat covers and armrest.

I'm looking for a factory replacement set for leather, heated seats. I've checked out a couple of places, ebay, etc. But wondering if anyone here has had good luck replacing theirs and has a good source to recommend.

I want to keep my "Alexis" for another 100k at least!

Appreciate any recommendations.



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Well, you could buy them new from the dealer, but you'd be looking at thousands unfortunately. I'd try to score a used seat from eBay or a local junkyard. Do a search on also.

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Have you considered sheepskin seat and armrest covers ? I have them on my '99RX just for the comfort...there was no problem with the original seat and armrest covers, but I got spoiled by sheepskin covers over 20 years ago, and can't go without them.

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The side panel on my drivers side started cracking and looking crappy. I think the cover for the seat pan alone from the stealership (hold your breath) was nearly $900 USD!!! I wound up taking it to a local upholstery place and paid $250 to have it disassembled repaired with a new panel and re-installed. It doesn't look bad at all either. It is the beige leather on a 2000 RX300. Good luck!

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