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205/55r16 Will They Fit For 1991 Ls400 ?

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YES they are nice, but I don´t know if they will fit on my car :o . Now I have original size. SURE I should to remove BMW mark. Does anybody have an advice ? Thanks

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Size isn't the only concern. I bought my 1990 LS400 with an aftermaket tire/wheel combo. The wheels were 16x8 generic chrome steel, 5 spoke. The PO had some pretty hefty tires, Z rated Bridgestone RE730s, 225/50/16. They are brand new so I've kept them. I just swapped out the wheels for some Platinum wheels I bought on ebay, same size 16x8.

I don't know how it is with Lexus wheels but with Mercedes wheels, the wheel offset, that is the offset of the centerline of the wheel versus the surface they are mounted on is very important. You may end up with wheels that stick out too far from the fender of your car.

You are on the right track though. You can pick up cheap near new tire/wheel combos from local sellers that are upgrading to fancier and bigger wheels. Just think how eager this seller is to get these out of his garage.


1990 LS400

1991 MBZ 300CE

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I have been wondering if some 225/50/17 will fit on my 1990 ls400.

Would the 225/50/16 you have tried be the same size as the ones I am

wondering about in just a different rim size. Did they rub at all?]

on your stock rim the only size that would fit is the 205/65/15 tires. If you're interested in buying the 94+ rims from Lexus, then your optional tires change. Use Tirerack's Website and check out the different generation LS models, with Differnt wheels. I believe the wheels are interchangeable between the years, ie Lexus LS400 205/65/15-1991, 225.65.16-94 and so on. I'd check with MrSypher, Lextasy, VMF, and SW03ES since they are the ones who know more about wheels than I do. You can also check with the guys from and see what they say.

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Hi,ive just put 18s on my mk1 LS400,and its very very important that you keep as near to the standard wheel offset which is 50.The lower the offset the more the wheels will stick out from the car and rub the top of the wheel arches.

theres a link to check that your tyres and wheels,keep your speedo right..

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Link to work out what is best:

It says that the diameter difference should be within 3%

I got a great deal on some Blizzak's in the 205/55/16 size and put them on the car for the winter months without major issue. The thing to realize is that the speedo will be off about 3mph and the tires aren't rated to handle the same amount of weight as OEM. For 16" wheels, you ideally want 225/55/16's.

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