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Cd Player "click Of Death"

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So I went out and purchased another SC today (#3, for the count):

A 1992 Jade Pearl SC300 with the built-in 12 disc CD player option.

Therein lies the problem: the built-in CD player does NOT work!

Symptom: The caddy loads, but when the actual CDs try to load into the unit, there is a horrendous grinding sound.

Things I've tried: Well, I repair computers on a daily basis (it's what I do!), so I thought "this should be an easy fix!" Boy was I wrong... I opened up the unit and looked for any cause of the clicking. It appears that the CD player will pull CDs all the way in, but not know when to stop pulling in and play the disc. God forbid it do like a good Catholic and pull out, but it keeps on going and going and going, clicking and clicking and grinding... you get the point.

I don't wish to purchase another unit unless I REALLY REALLY have to, but that may be the case... does anyone know the innerds of an SC cd player better than I? Should I drop kick this unit and see if that works?

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Good Morning,

I do tech support for computer also, but have learned that some electronics are just better do replace than mess with.

The CD changers are available on eBay for various prices. Since you have a 92, you can try to get a newer one that has been upgraded to skip a little less and be more reliable.

These units have either blue or red colored dots in the cartridge area.

Other posts on this forum have all the information about these troublesome CD players.

My spouse wants to dump the trunk unit, and go for an in-dash OEM lexus unit. This will be a challenge, and so reads all the posts about it.

Good Luck ;)

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