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Good Experience With Bumper Repairs

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I had some scratches fixed on my bumpers for $200 and the results were perfect. I had a $50 discount coupon. The repair guy (Bumper Doctor in San Diego) came to my house and had a complete paint mixing setup in his van to perfectly match my color.

I had four 1/8" deep gouges on the front bumper from hitting an asphalt curb and a bunch of scratches in the back bumper from someone hitting me . The repair guy fixed them in a couple of hours. I really appreciate a craftsman that does a really good job.

He said that he had three Lexus's to do that day. I guess Lexus owners are very particular about their car's appearance.

He said that to replace one bumper would be about $850 and the fit probably wouldn't be very good because of the variability of forming the foam bumpers.

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Well thats not exactly true lol.

The bumper isn't foam, its a polyurethane cover around a foam core, bumpers can be replaced easily with perfect fit. As a matter of fact bumper replacement is one of the easiest bits of bodywork to do.

$850 sounds about right, painted.

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