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It's Gotta' Be Me-squeaky Brakes

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My 94LS400, acquired at 99K, and which now has 101K, has now developed the same "squeal" I've had in most cars. Upon braking.

I'm kicking myself in the butt because the car had a brake job at the Lexus dealer at 90K. I got the dealers printout. When I got the car later, one of the many minor problems was that there was that front end "give and take" upon braking. No squeal, however. Not bad, but upon inspection, I found that the pads were fine, but the rotors seemed very, very rough on the faces. I went to an Indie, and he agreed that the pads should stay, but he would just need to re-face the rotors. Peachy. I picked it up, no more up and down stop action.

I checked a couple of days later, and the rotors are as smooth as Demi Moore's ____. You fill it in. Now, a month later, the squeal is quite noticible. It's summer in Vegas, my windows are down, and I'm :( listening to a stop light serenade. What did I miss this time?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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