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I have created a list of items I found and believe to be wrong in my ES330 and would like to have everyone comment or opinion on them. Be aware that each item have been compared to 2 other cars of the same year (ES330/2004) and do not show those conditions as mine.

Car pulling to the left. Resolution adjusted front end and rotated all tires. Did not fix the problem. The car still pulls to the left. This issue has been reported to by others owners. :lol:

Navigation System giving incorrect direction or does not know where the building number I told it to take me to is located.

Resolution: Dealer ordered new DVD Software but doesn’t know when it will become available. I called Lexus and was told in October 2004. So they sold me something they knew it did not work. :censored:

Dashboard out of alignment. Very noticeable uneven dashboard ends. Resolution: according to the dealer, normal. :angry:

Uneven front hood. Resolution, operating as designed. :angry:

Brake pedal produced noticeable sound when stepping on it or releasing it. Resolution, operating as designed. <_<

Driver door not closing unless is slammed. Resolution, the doors are heavier now and are operating as designed. :blushing:

thank you in advance for your opinion.

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