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No Lsportline Brake Kit Or Exhaust Anymore? Wtf!

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I just called Lsportline to order the brake kit, and its no more. I'm bummed as I wanted the blue calipers also to match my blue GS4. Not sure if anyone else know this, but the exhaust is no longer made anymore either. Anyone have suggestions for the brake kit now as I'm sitting here wondering what I'm goin to do now. Thanks Guys! Oh, btw, got the tint done a few weeks ago and my first pic of car is up now, I'm just plain lazy.


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2 options:

Go with Rotora. I believe their two stock colors are red and blue for their brake kit. They list for 1695 and probably street for about $100 or so less. If you need the brakes soon, I'd suggest Rotora since they seem to have stock right now.

Go with StopTech. The L-Sportline brakes are actually StopTechs. They used the Gen-I calipers which are now discontinued. StopTech has a Gen-II version of their caliper now. You can get StopTechs in a variety of colors including blue. StopTechs are a little more cost than Rotora. List for the 332 kit (which is the size of the L-Sportline- 13" rotors) is 1995. I can get it for a little bit less (still more than the Rotora and no I am not a dealer, I just know a couple ;)). There are a few technical advantages to the StopTech too but I won't go into it here. StopTech, however, is having some production backlog issues so that there is more of a wait time.

Let me know if you have more questions. Here is a pic of the StopTech kit.


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Lexus420: I've heard lots of stuff about the ST kits and definitely the way to go. Thats what I'm putting on my Mustang later on (once I get bigger rims/more $). If you want to go with the ST though drop me an email, (replace # with @) I know a place you can get a good deal.


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