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Springy Sound Coming From Rear

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I had a local mechanic perform strut work on my 1992 ES300. I just picked up the car last night...I got about a block away and went over a bump and I still heard a sound coming from the rear like when someone bounces on a bed. The ride is much improved, but I'm still getting a loud springy sounding noise from the rear every time I go over a bump.

Before I bring the car back into the mechanic - Does anyone have an idea what this can be?


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I have the absolute right answer for your problems.

i have a 95 es300 and exact same thing happened to me. infact, i fixed my problem just this past weekend.

your clunking noise is coming from your top strut bolt, which got loosened just a little.

i had to remove the whole rear seats. very easy. pull the bottom upwards to pull out the cushion. two bolts are holding the rear seat (one on each side). you pull the rear seat upwards to unhook them.

then, you take a 22mm (i am not sure but it's twenty something)mm socket and tighten the bolt.

i turned mine about 1/4 of a turn, but it fixed my problem.

let me know if you run into any problems

Latoilette posted this reply on a recent thread about clunking noise in rear end. I wonder if it applies to our spongy noise but I assume the people who replaced your rear struts should of tighten those bolts?

Latoilette, could you elaborate on the clunking noise you experienced and fixed on your ES? I am wondering if it is the same issue.

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omg, same thing happened to me.. I went over a huge bump last night (was unfamiliar with the road) and now I have the "springy sound" almost like springs on a bed... or like the sound of mice? I seriously thought I busted up my right rear shock, but I called up my mechanic and said it was something about bushings? I hope so.....or else there goes another 100 for a new shock. :chairshot:

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