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2002 Nav System Quit Working

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For some reason the navigation system on my 2002 SC 430 decided to quit working. If I turn the car off when the nav on and then crank the car - I can see the Lexus logo on the screen and then it goes dark so this tells me the display is good.

The dealer says the unit in the trunk has gone bad and says a replacement will be 2K. Even though I love my SC430 this is not an option.

Does anyone have any ideas on a 3rd party unit that could work? I found a company that says it can do a repair for between 250 and 500 so they may be an option.

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Well, the system is now working again and the dealer cannot get it to fail again. This was quite strange as it had stopped working two weeks ago. The only theory I have is this: It has been raining a LOT here in the SouthEast, we have had over a foot of rain in my area in the last 20 days. My particular area is VERY humid and "Lexi" has been sitting in the garage while I drive my spare car as I don't like to drive Lexi in the rain. When it stopped raining it was still very humid and the nav just wouldn't work. I took Lexi to the dealer and he verified it wouldn't work and then parked Lexi in the sun where it climbed to 100 degrees on a cloudless day. I think that between him removing the DVD to check the system and the car sitting in the hot sun which baked any existing condensation out of the system - it began working.

That and the prayer I sent up.... :)

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Below is a link to a company called United Radio in Srycuse, New York. They specialize in car audio repair and car electronics such as navigation systems. Other members have had good experiences with them.

I would suggest that you could call them and explain your situation and see if they might have a better answer than you've gotten so far. Should you chose to do so, come back here and let us know what you find out.


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