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hi this is my first post. I have a 1990 ls400 and i need to change the brake pads. I would like to know does anyone know the part number for the front and rear break pads. If so can you please post toyotas part number so i can get it at the toyota dealership instead of the lexus.


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go to and ask for a quote on this if it is not listed for your car. They are a Lexus dealer in NJ and I think they give the part number when they reply or the part is listed.

call(or go) your lexus dealer and see if you can get a part # ; request a price, then ask for the part number.!!!???????

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A tip on your brakes. I did mine a few months ago and did not replace the hardware. They squeek when backing up. I gooped them up with antisqueek stuff and they still squeek. Do yourself a favor and change the springs and clips ( hardware) and apply antisqueek goop on all metal to metal surfaces obviously keep the pads and rotors clean. I did the rear brakes in this case.

Another glitch was the receptical for the sensor. Aftermarket brakes had wrong slot and hole and the sensor would not fit. I went to Lexus and paid the big bucks to finish the job.

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