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Brake Adjustment

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crawl?? up under the car and tighten up on the nut holding the 2 brake cables(actually one in a loop) to the rear hubs--will be somewhere behind the transmission. Just follow the cables going forward !!!

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1) Count clicks while pulling parking brake lever completely

up. If 5-8 clicks are not counted, parking brake requires adjustment.

2) Raise and support vehicle. Remove rear wheels. Remove

adjuster hole plug from rear hub. Turn adjuster (expanding parking

brake shoes) until rotor binds. Turn adjuster back approximately 8

notches (until disc turns freely).

3) Install adjuster hole plug. Install rear wheels, and lower

vehicle. On ES300 model, remove console box. On all other models,

remove cup holder. On all models, loosen parking brake lock nut, and

turn adjusting nut until parking brake pull lever travel is correct.

Tighten lock nut, and install console box (ES300) or cup holder

except ES300).

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Not sure the '92 manual is for a LS--reference is made for pulling a parking brake that is mounted in the center console; not a foot operated parking brake. Unless the '92 has a handpull brake--which would appear illogicial, but I have never been in a '92--only a '93.

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