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Service Records Request?

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I've recently purchased another LS400 and currently trying to find out what the car has been through in the past four years. I've received a print out from a local Lexus dealership, but every maintenance records is coded. All i see is that the car has been serviced by Wilkie Lexus in Pennylvania every three months.

I've heard many times in this forum that all Lexus dealerships share the same database. Can anyone look up my vin number in one of these databases and tell me if there has been some significant repair that i should be aware? Also, if someone has a list of all code descriptions, can you please post them some where in the forum?

My VIN # JT8BH28FXX0150860

Thanks a ton.

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I went to the Lexus dealer in Virginia Beach (Charles Barker Lexus) and requested a service record printout. I wasn't all that impressed as much of it seems to be in code, and many details were omitted. I also notice where I had taken the car to a Lexus dealer in Syracuse, that it wasn't noted.

I had a hard time deciphipering what all of the data meant. Not as much help as for what I had hoped.

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Some of the history that Lexus uses is not shown on most printouts; however, if you ask for the detail of each service, they should have this. If you don't get the service you expect, then you should call Lexus and file a complaint against the dealer or go directly to the GM. Lexus dealers are held to high standards and you should receive the highest level of service. Denying someone a copy of service records is not acceptable. You may however need to prove ownership in the worst case scenario.

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