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'94 Ls Cabin Filter

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Just installed a clean set of cabin air filters - note that for the '94 LS there are two individual filters come with the kit, plus instructions, Part Number 88880-50010.

I purchased the set from IronToad for $37.60 - a good experience.

Now that I've done it, it's a simple thing to do it at the recommended interval.


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VB denny,

There are two filters located above the passenger's side foot area.

Instructions do come with the filters and it can be done with ease.

the instructions tell you to use a screwdriver but I found a stiff putty knife to be the best. Cover the end to protect your interior with masking tape. Insert the knife in the seam above the lowest cover and pry it off. Take care because a courtesy light is in the cover. Looking up you will see two wing nuts remove them and the cover that they hold in place and the first filter can be removed. You may have to bend it slightly for removal and installation but they are made to bend. With needle nose pliers or something slim you can move the second filter over the opening and pull it down. Reverse the process to install.

Hope this helps.

Added thought blowing air backwards through filters can extend their life.

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Kevin has the procedure correct.

The filter pads bend back toward the transmission hump. My originals were that old, they snapped.

The new set includes self-explanatory instructions and good illustrations.


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