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Who Fixes Instrument Clusters?

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I remember reading about someone fixing 1st gen. instrument clusters. My tach is dead and half the tach needle is dark.

I remember someone talking about a guy you can mail your cluster to and he’ll fix it. Anybody done that?

Should of thought of this two weeks ago, but then I didn’t know how deep it was going to get.

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The person you are looking for is Jim Walker. He is in Fresno, Ca.

His e-mail address is His phone number is 559-457-3092.

He fixed the instrument display (including two fading needles) in my 1993 LS 400 about three months ago. He did a very quick turnaround for me. The display now works perfectly - even in the coldest weather.

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Jim Walker wrote back & said he doesn't fix 90-92 clusters.

I have two problems with mine. 1st the tach needle is only half lit & 2nd, my tach became sporadic, kind of floating, not making it up to the real rpms, then floating back down rather than being crisp.

Found two people on ebay, one wrote back and can’t do it, the other wrote back to say he could fix both needles. Well, that’d be great if I needed both needles fixed, idiot.

I spoke with someone at He said they’ll fix the needle and all the other connections that normally go bad, but he’s not sure that the tach problem is part of the cluster assembly. He thinks it may be a different problem.

So guys, what else could be going on with the tach? It’s now totally dead, doesn’t move.

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Do you have a check engine light on? If it isn't on, chances are it's the relay or an electrical connection to your cluster.

If you can take apart the Guage Cluster, i'd check for burn marks and so on. I'd also check the fuse boxes under the dash and in the engine bay.

Check the Pinned threads in the LS and the SC Forums for direction on how to, even if they are for the 93-94. They should be very close.

Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of the wiring diagram, but someone else on the forum might.

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I have a tach with the same issue but the needle fully illuminate.

It just sits there till as occassion occurs where I speed up abruptly. It will then move only slightly from below 0 rmp. Maybe I could spray some viagra in the to help get it up higher. : )

Post something if you find out any further information.

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