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Rear Storage Bins ?

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When I was looking at the RX330 (last weekend in February) I was shown an RX with the Premium Plus package (No Nav/ML). This unit had two small rear storage compartments just inside the tailgate, in addition to the larger one a little farther back. I really liked them.

I ordered one with the Nav/ML package, 18" wheels, Heated Seats/rainsense wipers that day. I should get it sometime next week!

Anyway, when I was at the Atlanta car show last week the two RX330s they had did NOT have the two smaller storage compartments just inside the tailgate. One of them had the Premium Plus package (like the one I drove the day I ordered mine) and one had the Nav/ML package.

Does anyone know why the change and if the change was from not having them (earlier builds) to having them (later builds) or vice-versa?

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I've had my RX330 since late June '03 and I have the premium plus package, with the ML/NAV and mine has the storage bins that you are talking about. So I don't know what to tell you. They didn't change something when they started manufacturing in Canada did they? Could it be a mid model year change? I would be curious to find out and also if any other changes were made.

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>>This unit had two small rear storage compartments just inside the tailgate my RX330 (Premium Plus package No Nav/ML), there are two small buttons at the rear of the cargo area. When I push these buttons, the floor mat flips up to reveal storage compartments.

These can be empty -- but it's really designed to hold the rear tonneau cover. So if you store the cover in that area in those bins under the floor-mat -- the storage bins are buried under the cover.

Is it possible that you just recall seeing the storage bins because the cover was missing or being used in the cargo area?

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