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Cell Phone/blue Tooth

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My LX 470 is due any day now, and I have a question:

As I understand it, you are able to speak with your cell phone without having to hold on to it, but does your cell phone have to be bluetooth compatible for this one function (I am not interested in the calendar stuff).


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I have installed a Parrot CK3000 bluetooth handsfree kit in my LX 450. Very satisfied.

Next I will be looking for the right aftermarket head unit that has bluetooth handsfree built in. I want caller ID displayed, etc. Haven't found one yet, but I understand they are coming to market shortly.


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Nelson the phone display will still show who is calling but you can answer or send busy signal on the call via the bluetooth headset when paired up if your phone will accept voice recognition stored commands? I personally choose not to use a bluetooth car kit because I wanted to have the phone charging while it is in the car :D I hate it when my phone's battery is dead :( !

Bluetooth is some REALLY COOL stuff! :cheers: Part of my job is testing wireless data over bluetooth devices ;-)

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Badams, what kind of devices do you test?

I know what you mean, it's nice to have that cradle recharging your phone. (I have to plug my phone into the cigarette lighter.)

As for handsfree phone use, the Parrott CK3000 Bluetooth kit installed in my LX is ok... it does the job... from buttons on the dash I can choose to answer or send busy signal. But it's not integrated into the head unit and I don't get caller ID. As you know Bluetooth is becoming standard in cell phones and we can expect to see increased merging of handsfree kits into car stereo head units in the near future, not just in factory equipment. It's pretty exciting stuff.

Not to get too far off topic, but with Bluetooth focusing on eliminating wired communications between devices, I still haven't seen a deployed wirelss power solution (closest I've seen). I look forward to the day when you don't have to plug in to recharge your battery. Whoever brings this to market will make a pile of money. :)

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Wireless power is really the last obstacle to true mobility. There are several approaches that are being worked on, but nothing close to deployment that I've read about. As always, Google turns up interesting stuff on the subject. But I'm definitely off topic!

Back to Bluetooth handsfree...

I'm sure there are others...

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