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Throttle Body Piece Missing - Part Name/number?


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I recently got a guy to clean the throttle body on my LS400. However when he was putting it all back together he messed something up. One of the things that he messed up was throwing out a plastic gasket/plastic plug type thing that is attached to the throttle body. We found half of it and kind of glued it in there as it wouldn't stay in on it's own.

Does anyone know what this piece is called? Are there any other reasons that the car won't start after a trottle body cleaning. It trys to start but just never kicks in. It worked 100% before this.

Thank You.



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Appears to be a dashpot assembly or idle air control valve. Dashpots are use to "soften" the throttle shut down. Kind of like a shock absorber. If its the idle air control valve, then it wont start as the throttle blade is closed all the way now.

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It's the air filter off the dash pot assembly, not available as a separate part only as the complete dash pot.

Part number 22202-50070 priced around $60.00.

If it wont start recheck all the vacuum pipes are fitted correctly as they are hard to reach and fit under the TB.

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