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Sc 300 Acceleration Problems

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Hey guys, I am in need of some advice. When I am accelerating the engine feels like it is loosing power or fuel because I can feel the engine pull back. This happens only sometimes but happens more often when getting on the freeway when going on an uphill on-ramp. My dad thinks it could have to with my spark plugs, wires, distributor cap/rotor. I need a second opinion. In addtion, what do you guys get when you have a tune up and about how much does it cost. I just changed my oil 100 miles ago and checked the tranmission: it is a little dirty but shifting is smooth still so that can't be it. Please help me! :(

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Wasted spark could deffinitly be the problem, does it feel like it is hesitating (falls off) or does it feel like it just dosen't have the power it did at one time.

If it actually hesitates change your plugs (cheap), and if you can afford some new plug wires go ahead and get them. But don't get suckered into getting the expensive MSD or Nology wires unless your running some serious mods (FI), you don't need fancy plug wires a new set of OEM's will provide more than enough room for the current you need, and they are loads cheaper.

If it feels like the car has lost power overall do a DIY grounding kit, they seem to help alot, specially as a car gets some age on it. You would really be surprised, and I am sure someone here or on the supra forums has posted what you need and the steps to a DIY kit.

Ohh, and you can replace your fuel filter, rather cheap also, and it dosen't hurt either. Just start with the things that it won't hurt to service anything and see if they aleviate your problems. Plugs, Wires, Fuel Filter. Cheap, and need to be done after so long anyhow.

Hope this helps,


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does this happen when you gas tank is low? Mine used to due it when it only gets below a 1/4 of gas always keep it full i dont know maybe its the weird design or something with the fuel pump. check to see if ur car does it full tank.

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