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Our Garages ~ Our Favorite Place

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Several of us, Tansupplyman, Blake, Agent 99, 93LS, and I have been discussing garages. For those of us fortunate enough to have one, it is important to keep it a comfortable place to hang out. It is a place where we can work on, clean, and sometimes just look at our cars. There are lots of different views, and we all have lots of different cars. Here is an inside look and where we hang.

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Cortesy of Agent 99 and Blake, here is how you post yur pictures. If my picture is included on this post, you'll know it works. Okay, here goes....

click on the "quote" button in the upper right (like we all do when directing a specific answer/question).

Then look at the "original post to quote" section of your'll see the

......... stuff....

You click on the "IMG" code button. put in the location(paste), and click the "IMG" button again. YOur good to go!!

Well I tried and it says something about not allowing an image extension or something. Anyway, I posted them all in the gallery. Page 2 Misc, avatars etc. pg 18, 19.

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Here's what you need to do:

1. Get the address of the pic in the gallery. Click on the pic so that a full size pic would come up, but not the supersized view. By right clicking on the pic and selecting properties, you can then copy and paste the address of the pic.

2. Click the "IMG" button in a reply you wish to make.

3. Copy and paste the address of the pic from step 1 in the "IMG" tag in step 2

4. Preview your post and it should work if you copy and pasted the right thing.

Ex. Denny's LS from the misc. section: here's what the address looks like: . Make sure the address has .jpg at the end of it; I think that's why it didn't work for you Denny! Should look like this.



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Blake, That is exactly what I did. Maybe my firewall is too tight or something, but I have no problem uploading to the gallery. Oh well, I'll figure it out. hanks for posting the pix 4me

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I'll be on this by the Weekend..

My wife's got the LS up at the airport for a few days... I needed the Sequoia for some "large" object hauling :lol: Plus and oil change & inspection :lol:

I miss my LS.... :(

Looking forward to it...


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