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Engine Compartment

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How do you clean the engine compartment; i.e., motor, firewall, etc. without

causing a potential problem with the electrical and computer systems. Should it

be steamed out or can you spray engine cleaner in the more dirty areas and

rinse off with water. On my Honda CRV I filled a garden sprayer hooked to a

hose with concentrated soap and used hot-pressurized water from my house

hot water heater to prewash and then followed with just plain hot water.

I made sure the car had run to heat up before the wash to soften the dirt and grease.

I'm reluctant to try this on the Lexus.

Any thoughts on this topic??

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My personal opinion...

I would not use any water.

WD-40, rags, Armor All for the plastic stuff, Simple Green, and also some type of "Orange" cleaner too. Spray down,,wipe, repeat.....

Put the TV out in the garage (like VBDenny = a great procedure :lol: ), watch the NCAA tourney, and spend a few hours getting to know all about the 1UZ-FE engine :D


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i use water, i just close everything electrical with plastic bags, then spray it with engine cleaner and leave it for 15 mins. after this i srpay it with water till the cleaner is gone, remove the bags and start the engine. i keep it on until all the water evaporates then stop the engine and spray it with the engine paint. you can see results in the gallery

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Like VMF, I am opposed to putting water on my engine. I clean it by hand. What I do is get rags, cleaners, old paintbrushes, old toothbrushes, and elbow grease. Once it is clean, it is easy to keep clean. I noticed that the engines are pretty well shielded against splash debris.

You should definitely visit the INSIDE/OUT DETAILING forum. There is a ton of great information on how to care for your car. I've learned a lot there.


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Have to go along with the guys re no water under the hood, seems like thats why Lexus went to such an extreme to keep it dry in there. Just wiped it down with old towels and orange cleaner and it has stayed almost spotless only requiring touch up when it gets its weekly Saturday bath. Four Door.

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