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Advice For 1999 Es300 With 68k Miles

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Hey all,

I've got a 99 ES300 that has 68k miles. I changed the oil once myself, and I'm going to start using synthetic with a K&N Filter, but a friend of mine who says he knows cars doesn't approve of them. Do you guys feel they are better than most? Also I'm not sure how often to get it serviced and where? When would you say would be my next big service and where should I take it to get serviced? Also, my left turn signal in the front is blinking rapidly. I bought replacement bulbs, but after hours of searching cannot find a good explanation on how to replace the head blinker bulb. If anyone has seen a good site on how to do this or has done it themselves I'd greatly appreciate.


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search the archives..i believe someone else asked about the front turn signal bulb change not too long ago.

as far as would you be able to judge how well a filter performs? and how would you define a filter as doing a "bad job"? more of a question for my benefit.

my opinion is that it is more important to change your oil and filter when its supposed to be done rather than getting caught up on some specific filter brand. these arent high performance racing engines...

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If you don't know the official service history of the car and you bought it used, I would always replace all fluids and filters if the car has 50K + on it. You may be able to get some service history from your local Lexus dealer if the previous owner had it serviced there. Check the owner's manual for a full list of service intervals and recommended services, or go to the Lexus website. (I think they have it listed there as well).

Synthetic is highly recommended, but switch sooner rather than later. On older higher mileage cars, synthetic has a way of finding any leaks in the system so be ready for that possibility.

Air Filter

Personally, I wouldn't switch to an aftermarket filter unless you are really looking to add other performance mods as well. An air filter alone will not make a huge difference in the performance overall. K&N filters are not as restrictive in their air intake and let air pass through them easier than a stock filter. They do however rely on a thin coating of oil on the filter to trap many of the particles found in the intake air. This oil coating has a way of eventually making it into your intake and causing problems with the MAS Airflow Sensor (MAS). I have owned several high end cars and have read many posts here and on Mercedes & BMW forums warning of this problem. If you don't mind replacing the MAS or are going to add additional mods that will make use of the greater air flow, then go for it. Just don't say you were not warned...

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I agree with bran for the part about fluid changes. However, I put a K & N filter in my 01 & everything has been excellent! B) I notice a slight difference in performance & fuel economy but not too significant. It's a re-usable filter as well so it should last the life of the car. This is the 3rd K & N filter I've had (one for my previous Maxima & one for my previous Buick Riviera) & not one problem to mention in 5 years. Just my 2 cents ;)


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