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I take mine off roading usually. When I mean off roading I mean short cuts over or through obstacles that get in my way ;)

I did get stuck in mud for a few hours :angry:

I wish these cars came with front and rear diff locks :(


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Congrats! I initially wanted to buy the Toyota Sequoia (more room, kids getting bigger, Toyota quality unquestioned) but my wife wanted the snob appeal and prestige of the Lexus. Of course, we eventually bought the Lexus because she was going to drive it 95% of the time. Over time, the "refinement and luxury" of this vehicle won me over and the Sequoia is a forgotten afterthought.

We previously owned the Land Rover Discovery Series II and never took it offroad (except through flooded streets and over mud in the mountain areas). I mean, cmon now, who would drop $40K and get it all thrashed offroad? With the running boards, it was strictly a Costco Runner and Soccer Mom-mobile.

At least knowing that this car can go anywhere and has full time 4WD, we know we'll be coming home safely in any condition and any weather. Just my .02 cents.

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