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60,000 Miles Service

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Hi Folks,

I have a 1998 Lexus LS 400 in superb condition. I need to do the 60,000 miles service and so far the dealers that I contacted wanted nearly $1,000 for a service that did not require valves adjustemt and $1,500 with valves adjustment. My regular mechanic says no valve adjustment is needed. Can any of you educate me briefly on what needs to be done on such a car at the 60,000 miles service, i.e what is really needed ? Your feedback is greatly appreciated....


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change all fluids, change timing belt, and if you want the water pump. maybe change the serpentine belt if its cracking.

thats all i can think of now, you should try and call the dealers and ask exactly what they do. and i dont think you need a valve adjustment either because last time i checked(120k mi) the valves were still in specs.

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I'd recommend following the normal service schedule. A lot of dealers push the severe service schedule (revenue enhancement?) but I regard doing so as a waste of money unless you really are using your car as a delivery vehicle or taxi. The current owner of the 90 LS that I purchased new tells me that it is still going strong at almost 190K - it had only the minimal maintenance of the normal service schedule. On a 98, the timing belt is scheduled for changing at 90K and really should be done at that mileage since it is an interference engine. Normally the water pump is changed when the timing belt is changed. My understanding is that valve adjustments are done only if there is an obvious valve noise.

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I absolutely agree with you. When I recommended following the normal service schedule, I really didn't mean never changing the transmission fluid like the maintenence manual indicates for later Toyota products. Maybe it never really needs to be changed for a car used in normal service but somehow I can't bring myself to let the transmission and diff fluid go unchanged for more than 30K. But of course the dealer wants to do it every 15K and that seems wasteful to me.


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Here's the list:

Air Filter

Cabin Filter

Coolant change

Brake Fluid Flush

Differential Fluid Change

Transmission Pan Drain & refill (approx. 2 qts) Toyota T-IV Fluid

Oil/Filter Change

Fuel Filter Change

Rotate Tires

(Basically: all fluids and filters)

Add : Serpentine Belt, Timing Belt, Water Pump, and Spark Plugs (Iridium) for 90K.

I did all DIY except for "fuel filter" - its pretty nasty and I gladly paid $89 for it....

FYI: Local Lexus dealer quoted me $550 for this service.


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