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Thinking Of Purchasing A Gs430 Or 300

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my dad and i are in the search to find a next car to add to the current 93 LS400, and we really wanted to know about hte pros and the cons about the GS, which one is better 430 or the 300, which one has better handle, is there a difference in style in the interior, the speeds of the car can the car take highspeeds? just almost everythign about the car really, i carry the info for these cars in my pocket, for the last 2 weeks really trying to decide if this is the car for us. i really would love imput from any current or past owners of the GS preferably 2001 GS owners and up but everyone should have a say. thanks for any help given

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Well basically the GS430 and the 300 are the same car, except for the powertrain and some option packages, and some slight trim differences inside. The suspension/handing characteristics are the same, unless you equip one with the 17 inch wheels. Both of them can cruise at the same top speeds as they're aerodynamically identical. Basically if you need the power of that V8, thats the only reason to pay more for the 430.

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