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Hello Everyone/ Question About Drifting

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hey jsut signed up today great forum, i drive a 92-93 LS400 im not sure about the year cus dad forgot what year it is and i dont know how to check it, im really only 16 years of age, and yes i didnt buy this LS cus there is no way for me to pay for it currently, there anything i need to know about this forum thats not in the new forum posters section? any advice?

also i kinda have a question

does anyone take advantage of the rear wheel ness of hte LS and drift in it? im a lil drift crazy, and i really want to kno what i should do to actually make my drift better or should i do it at all in the LS? please help anything would be helpful

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An ls cannot drift.

You need a light car with moderate power like an

ae86 or ae 92 ( corrolla's rear wheel)

or a nissan slyvia 240 sx

or lots of power in a supra or 350 z to be able to hold the car sideways while spinning wheels .Also drifting is an art and and easy way to toal a car it engine and especially its tires within a second when not in controlled enviorments.

The LS is way to heavy and underpowered to get the rear lit up and loose.

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You want to drift a car? Buy your own car to do it in. Then you just might develop some respect for what it takes to purchase things yourself. You may find you are not so "drift crazy" with your own stuff.

Knock yourself out. Just don't hurt anyone else, or mess up their property. Post the photos of the wreck. We'd all like to see.

Is that helpful?

And I thought teenagers knew everything......

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the car is soon to be mine, and i have drifted but only in raining conditions and maybe one time on a sharp bend in the road,also where i try drifting these places are in undeveloped hills of future houses in folsom so there are nothing to hit but just the dirt ground but thanks for the tips guys. imma try to calm it down a lil becuase dad wants to mod this car up, and it would be no use to us wrecked. does anyone know if any of the video decks with the touch screen will fit into an LS i have yet to find one online or at bestbuy

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