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Egr Tube Repair

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My car is running like it has an exhaust leak, and my mechanic told me that it is a cracked EGR tube. I have searched the forum, and found previous posts on how to get to the tube, which is behind the engine and above the transmission, and have it replaced in 2 hours. The parts itself is only $140 or so. Dealer says that it has to be done by removing the transmission, so the labor is over 10 hours. They deny the fact that it can be done any other way. So I brought the car to an independent repair shop that only works on Japanese cars, and they told me that it can't be done without removing the transmission as well, though they have not done this repair before.

I printed out what I found, but unfortunately it is from a first generation model (my is a 1995). So my mechanic said that it doesn't apply. Can anyone confirm that they have done this on a second generation model-- 95,96,97? I imagine it would be similar. Are there anything else I should replace while I'm in there if I really have to get my transmission removed? I'm in the Houston area, and if you know of a shop that you recommend, please let me know! Any input is greatly appreciated!

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You don't need to drop the transmission to replace this egr tube. But it does take a while to get it in and out. It does take practice though. If you are willing to make a trip down to dallas, we will be able to save you some money!


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Thanks for the reply. I believe the original post on how to do this under 2 hours was from you. So it seems like it's the same deal for the 95.. Dallas is a tad bit far, but I may plan to head there in a few months. Are there any ill effects for waiting that long?

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