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Power Steering Pump Problem

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not sure if this is like the usual leaky pump problem, but mine will sometimes stop working and then sometimes work fine. im not sure if its leaking or not, but what are some of the symptoms of a leaky ps pump?

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i had problems with the power steering pump a few months ago. the symptom is if you have to keep filling it up with power steering fluid. if it is leaking you got to get it fixed quick because of the alternator. the alternator is right underneath the pump and if the pump is leaking, the fluid leaks on the alternator and your alternator will be shot. i went through two alternators in the matter of a month because my pump was leaking. and don't use no stop leaks cause they dont work.

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sometimes it will just stop working. when i stop or slow down a lot and then turn it will be very hard to turn. it does this roughly half the time.

That could be the infamous "air control valve" malfunctioning. It used vaccum from the engine to assist steering at low rpms.....

Have you checked your serpentine belt for tension and wear? - a possiblity....

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