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I own a 2002 rx300, the present mileage is approx 15500. Since purchased new this vehicle has had a rattle/tapping noise from the cargo area when driving on rough roads or irregular seams in pavement. The dealer has not been of any help. I have removed the cargo cover, spare tire, tools and everything else. Rear seats up, rear seats down, seat belts buckled. I have installed rubber pads under license plate. Can anyone HELP !! :( :angry:

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I had a similar noise about 1 wk after I picked up my 2001 RX300. I had friends in the car and was taking them for a ride to show off the RX300, so it was kind of embarassing (Lexus are you listening???)

Anyway, the dealer removed the panel from the inside of the hatch and rerouted some cables. This fixed the problem and it never came back (other stuff came back, but not this)

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